Spy for the girl in the leather

Custom Clip Request Script: You walk up to your car, which is parked in grass, and get into it, but you’re confused when you realize it won’t start. You try to start it for a moment, but it doesn’t work, so you get out and walk around the car, inspecting the outside of it for a minute or so. Wondering what you can do next, you decide you’re going to try and move it in any way you can. You walk to the back of it and get ready to push. The remainder of the video focuses on you struggling to move the car. Starting from the back, you desperately try to push and move it for a couple of minutes, moaning and groaning, getting into lots of exaggerated pushing poses that show your outfit off for the camera. You beg the car to move and urge yourself on, but it never budges. You decide to try moving it in other ways, so you briefly try pushing from the front and even kneeling down at one of the tires and trying to lift it, bouncing up and down wildly as you do so. At about 5 or 6 minutes in, your attitude suddenly changes. You suddenly feel as though you’re being watched from somewhere, and you’ve overcome with the urge to …

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