Ridiculous slave? Part Two: Revenge

In the previous storyline, I mocked my slave’s. He could no longer endure it and pounce on me. He is angry at me, let judgment run me on the bed and tied my hands behind my back, and legs as well. I was tied, helpless and at the mercy of the angry slave. My captor initially interested in my legs, stroking them and masturbating while doing so. I’m laughing at him and ask him whether anything else can not. He not let unsettle. Inserts a penis in my mouth I still tied to make him a blowjob. Then again interested in my legs tied together, stroking them, kissing and fucking my feet. Following sex from behind. Lying on her side, hands tied in the front. Fucking me from behind and begins to like it. I want his sperm inside the vagina! No, this is my defeater does not intend to. Pulls out penis out of my wet pussy and begins chasing cock. After a moment, cumshot on my feet in stockings. He leaves satisfied, to leave me tied to with cum on my legs …

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