Pee in the car 8.

Eighth continuation of my series peeing in the car is a bit unusual. I’m sitting in the car’s back seat. My friend handcuffed me and ensured safety belts. Then he went out to an unknown destination. I do not know how long he will be gone!?! But for me, in the meantime came the big need to pee! I fight with handcuffs and desperately screaming into the ball. There is no other way, I have to piss in your car. I will pissing and I sighing with relief. A large puddle under my ass, in a wet jeans me after a while cold, and it is unpleasant. Again fighting with handcuffs and trying to escape from the wet seats, but in vain because the safety belt. I have to wait for a friend to return, but how to explain that I was pissed seat?

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