Angela and Sarah in trouble

Oh .. two helpless captive, one tied up with ropes and leather cuffs and the second in handcuffs and chains. My partner (plays Sarah) is dressed in a sexy white shirt and leather miniskirt. I was tied to a bed frame, I gagged, blindfolded and wearing fishnet clad points dress. Sarah and I are trying to get out of shackles and ropes, but in vain! Sarah kissing my body, breasts and comforted me. He has blindfolded, but nevertheless finds my pussy and begins to lick it. It has complicated handcuffs do not allow too much movement, but she handles beautifully and licking my pussy. I am helpless, but it enhances my excitement. After a while we both exhausted. One last attempt to break free from the shackles …And then resignation. Who freed us and untie?

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